In addition to the diverse offers and family-friendly hotel facilities, the short flight time from Germany is also decisive for the fact that the island is ideal for families. It takes just under two and a half hours to reach the popular vacation destination.

Attractions and activities with children

In the following we would like to give you a few tips for excursions and present the most popular destinations for excursions and activities in a little more detail.

mekong luang prabang boat

It is probably the most beautiful way to get to Luang Prabang – with a boat trip across the Mekong River. The trip can be booked for currently 1650 Baht in Chiang Rai. We book at a travel agent next to the cat cafe. Every travel agency offers the tour and probably every Guest House as well.

My impressions from Valencia streetart and more

As mentioned so many times here on the blog, I'm in the middle of moving from Spain to Germany right now. For 10 years I was at home in Spain, so it is not surprising that I often think of my old home Spain. After all, I have written a lot here on the blog about Madrid and also traveling in Spain. However, thinking back now, I could have written much more about this beautiful country. That's why today I want to post again about Spain, to be exact about Valencia.

Another half year has passed. How time flies! And again the dear one invites to his half-yearly photo parade. Here travel and photo bloggers show their favorite pictures of the last half year.

  • Relaxed
  • Far
  • Illuminated
  • Old
  • Unusual
  • my favorite photo

I interpret the themes a bit more freely this year and concentrate fully on my round trip across Borneo. for 3 weeks I explored the most amazing places in Sarawak and Sabah. These pictures just have to be shown. This time I convince not by variety, but rather with pure enthusiasm for this great spot on earth.

Advertising, unsolicited! This text is an editorial contribution, which could well have an advertising effect, without me being commissioned or paid for it!

The most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – a subjective selection

Are you planning a vacation at the Baltic Sea and thinking about where exactly you want to go?? There are so many beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – but what are the most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea, specifically in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?? The answer to this question is not easy for me, even if everybody will name a few places right away. But – and I would like to point this out explicitly here – such a selection is always very subjective! So please bear with me: in the following I present you the most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea, which I got to know during different journeys and short trips.

Binz – the sophisticated beauty on the island of Rugen

I start with my declared favorite place on the island of Rugen. Binz is the largest seaside resort of the island and enchants with sophisticated spa architecture. White villas line the coast and the streets of the Baltic seaside resort. They are held in the typical style of the Baltic resorts and enchant in bright white, sometimes set off blue. Many houses have balconies or verandas decorated with Art Nouveau elements, and some also have turrets.

Fancy a spooky vacation?On our summer vacations (or holidays), we all want to feel safe, don't we?On the other hand, most of us also crave for some adrenaline every now and then – of course to different degrees.

We cook our way around the world. Peering into foreign cooking pots and trying our hand at fancy ingredients and spices. Always with us: A good portion of curiosity and the hunger for inspiration.

I regularly cook my way around the world. I learn not only about the culinary highlights of some regions, but also a lot about the culture of the country.

The Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is, contrary to most opinions, not so gray and dreary. The region in North Rhine-Westphalia consists of many highlights in the Ruhr area. I asked a few travel bloggers what their Ruhr highlights are.

The result is a colorful mix of Ruhr-area coffee lovers and admirers. The fact is: the Ruhr area is something for everyone. Convince yourself!

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You want to discover the breathtaking nature and wildlife of Colombia? Tapirs, sloths, jaguars, spectacled bears and Andean condors cross your path here. Colorful coral reefs, the dense Amazon rainforest, snow-capped Andean peaks, the home of indigenous tribes or the arid desert landscape are just waiting to be discovered by you. Which national parks you should not miss, our local experts have summarized for you.

Account with credit card for Work and Travel

Before you start your adventure in faraway countries, it is important that you open an account with credit card for Work and Travel. On the one hand a German account is useful, so that you can show your financial means when entering the country. Secondly, a credit card is important for Work and Travel so you can easily pay, use it as a guarantee and withdraw money.