"The steigerwald has done its homework, the ebrach forestry operation can serve as an example for all state forestry operations." with these words the member of the state parliament hans-jurgen fahn () praised at the annual meeting of the association "unser steigerwald" on saturday evening at the michel inn the work of the association and the ebrach forestry operation, which presented its stepping stone concept that evening. Around 250 members of the "unser steigerwald" association met for the annual general meeting. The association has 3470 personal members, plus 56 associations, organizations and clubs. In view of unbroken efforts by the federal nature conservation agency to establish a national park in the steigerwald, ex-secretary of state albert meyer (habfurt) encouraged the association to network nationwide with others who also oppose such efforts. The association is a staunch opponent of a national park.

This is already happening to some extent, as second chairman oskar ebert pointed out in the annual review. Time and again, board members or club delegations meet with other groups that are resisting foreign control.

Without fed cup specialist julia gorges, the german women's tennis team will have to face serbia in a relegation match. The 24-year-old had to withdraw from the match in stuttgart because of "physical problems" that had already troubled her at the WTA tournament in katowice.

Seymour Hersh over the "Plan B" The Israelis in the Kurdish areas

The rough man of American journalism, Seymour M. Hersh (cf. Rumsfeld and the super-resistant Pentagon department), has again unpacked something, which adds a new variable to the complex force game in the post-war dirak: According to Hersh information, Israeli intelligence services and militars are to be quiet in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as in Kurdish parts of Iran and Syria secret operations Imploting in a coarse mabboat.

Alarm status in Spain required: Sanchez on a frugal soil

Image: ralf stretch

Once again, the Spanish head of government of Sanchez with the right Ciudadanos party is pierced and therefore sustainably impressed the left-hand supports that make a government formation

The fire department looked back on a busy but also successful year at its youngest annual general meeting. Commander markus stedler reported on 247 missions in which the helpers in uniform were called upon. First responders accounted for around 75 percent of the lowen share of operations. There were also 27 technical assistance calls, 14 fire calls and 21 false alarms. There were some spectacular incidents: a house fire in breitenau, the fire of a large garden shed in werner-von-siemens-strabe, the collision of a train with a car on the railroad line bad rodach-coburg. Markus stedler praised the exemplary and comradely cooperation of all volunteers. Above all, he emphasized the perfect cooperation with the city's district fire brigades. "We were able to prove our efficiency in all operations", emphasized commander stedler. Training, further training and numerous exercises were on the duty schedule. "A total of 1403 training hours were held", dear stedler know. He put the team strength at 115, divided among eight women, 87 men, four women wardens and 16 men wardens. In the previous year, the fire brigade had 112 emergency personnel.

The commander is especially proud of the very active youth group. Youth manager kevin weinhold said that the youngsters had completed 52 training sessions. He particularly mentioned the newly created training day, the participation in the german youth performance test, the professional firefighters' day and the participation in the firefighters' action week. The youth group spent a total of 165 hours on training and other operations.

Notes of the former German Columbia astronauts Ulrich Walter to the shuttle crash and the consequences

Dr. Ulrich Walter (49) was the last German science astronaut together with his colleague Hans Schlegel, who with the on the 1. February stunned NASA spatial trip Columbia under the D2 mission (26.4.-6.5.1993) in the orbit. His flight, which vintage in April this year for the tenth time, the physicist is still in good memory. The more Walter is affected by the Columbia mischief. In an interview aubert the ex-astronaut, the from the 1. April Waser for Space Technology at the Technical University of Munchen will take to the Columbia catastrophe and the future prospects of manned space travel.

The rollers roll. The boards rattle. The skaters are full of anticipation and adrenaline. Concentrated they build and rebuild their ramps. The skate 'n' rock e. V. Has big plans for the skate competition and the punk rock festival next weekend. The main square will be transformed again. From idyllic skateboarding spot to cool festival-land. "We and our festival are known in the skater scene all over germany", tobias hauck from the board of directors is happy.

The American Museum of Natural History shows ‘The Genomic Revolution’

The American Museum of Natural History shows ‘The Genomic Revolution’. Where the general public is clarified, the Ubergange are lifting to art. However, the genomic worldview is not questioned.

The SPD wants to offer co-determination against money payment

The SPD tip has ordered a concept paper at the Berlin Political Professor Oskar Niedermayer and picked up, which is currently for sensation. Niedermayer recommends that the party definitely recommend chancellor and burger masters and federal and state-owned candidates for a future through lists, on which persons without a party book signed. Whether the recommendation is implemented, the traditional bodies should continue to decide.

The corona eruption in the gutersloh district also brings the rise to the 3. Fubball league in disarray. The main sufferer is the westphalian regional league team SC verl, which will not be able to play its relegation match against lok leipzig on 30 june as planned. June at home.