In the labyrinth of the medina of Marrakech one should let oneself drift. You get lost anyway, the further you get into the heart of the city. Here, in the midst of the colorful life are hidden behind thick clay walls magnificent town houses and city palaces: the so-called Riads. One of the most beautiful is the Riyad El Cadi, just a few cross streets away from the square of the jugglers, the Djamaa al-Fna. Editor-in-chief Friederike Hintze paid a visit to this gem ..

Once you have been in Marrakesh, the "Pearl of the South", you will have lost your heart. Even in gray, rainy weather, the city exerts a charm. Yves Saint Laurent, who had his famous blue gardens here called Jardin Majorelle, lived alternately in Marrakech and Paris. The incredibly rich Talitha Getty loved the city – and established the international jet set in the 1960s and 1970s, long before her untimely death. Marlene Dietrich, Alfred Hitchcock or Mick Jagger – the illustrious list of those who were or still are fascinated by Marrakech is long.