My impressions from Valencia streetart and more

As mentioned so many times here on the blog, I'm in the middle of moving from Spain to Germany right now. For 10 years I was at home in Spain, so it is not surprising that I often think of my old home Spain. After all, I have written a lot here on the blog about Madrid and also traveling in Spain. However, thinking back now, I could have written much more about this beautiful country. That's why today I want to post again about Spain, to be exact about Valencia.

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You want to discover the breathtaking nature and wildlife of Colombia? Tapirs, sloths, jaguars, spectacled bears and Andean condors cross your path here. Colorful coral reefs, the dense Amazon rainforest, snow-capped Andean peaks, the home of indigenous tribes or the arid desert landscape are just waiting to be discovered by you. Which national parks you should not miss, our local experts have summarized for you.


When we hear the term “Ivy League,” most of us probably think of rich people tying sweaters around their necks. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to it than that. The Ivy League is a group of elite colleges that have a long history of impressive success and notable alumni. But how did it come to this? And what are these schools really like? Read on to learn more about the founding of the Ivy League, its member schools, and whether you should apply.

The royal tombs in Hue are one of the most impressive things we have seen in recent months. And that means something! We visited them as part of a city tour, since they are a bit out of the center and we didn't want to rent a moped because of the daily rain showers.

The King's Tombs Tour

The city tour actually starts in the morning with the citadel. However, since we had already checked them out on our own, we were picked up later (at 10:30 am – a very convenient time for us late risers 😉 ).

It's time, I just have to tell you a little bit about Croatia. Why I haven't done it yet, I don't really know… maybe because Croatia is one of my personal favorite destinations and I've been coming back to the country for many years now.

Croatia vacation - yesterday, today and tomorrow

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The smiles broke the ice and simple gestures did the rest to understand each other even without big words.

I was a bit nervous when I started my individual ASI trip to Vietnam from Innsbruck via Frankfurt and Bangkok to the distant Hanoi – nervous because for the first time in a long time I was traveling alone again. And nervous about the weather, as May is actually one of the rainiest months in Vietnam. In retrospect, however, it turned out that I was very lucky with the weather and that the days from mid-May to early June fall into the low season, because from June onwards, thanks to the school vacations, the travel-loving Vietnamese themselves like to go exploring in their own country.

The catacombs of Paris are a hidden gem for many. A very interesting place that I invite you to discover, and for this reason I leave you this post with all the information of interest.

Catacombs tickets and tours

"Diiiiing", make the Tingsha bells and what is supposed to be a very calming sound, triggers a little panic in me. Because I know that what follows this "diiiing" will not be easy for me: 30 minutes of rest.

30 minutes of silence: Silence with guidance

And not the kind of calm, as in: "i flop down on my couch and nod off to the sprinkling of a Netflix series every now and then." No, this rest is another. A meditation in which not only I have to shut up, but also no impulses come from the outside, until one is released from it after half an hour. In which I do not lie somewhere, but sit, as upright as my back allows, on a meditation cushion in a room flooded with light. Not alone, by the way, but with other silent people, at a distance – because the pandemic is supposedly taking a break right now, but is still in our heads, as it will be again with full force a few months later. The quiet half hour for inner reflection will be led by Christel, who lives and works here, in the Saunstorf monastery in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.