These 4 trips you should have done with your BFF

A trip you can actually start right next weekend without much planning: A spontaneous road trip! What's better than bawling out loud nineties music in the car and just driving off at the drop of a hat – and with your best friend to boot? Whether it's to a lake, toward the mountains, or to a nearby city, you can't beat the feeling of freedom on a BFF road trip!

It was a cloudy, cold winter day when I left Halle (Saale) by train to Frankfurt am Main. It was the first time I traveled alone to a country so far away and I was pretty excited to finally arrive in Moshi, Tanzania! New people, new cultures and all the new things I would soon experience!

Some time ago I was in the and Emilia Romagna on the road. Both are Italian regions that could not be more authentic. The rich cuisine of Emilia Romagna contrasts with the incredible natural scenery of the Marche region.

Two regions with charm – which could not be more impressive. Here pulsates the real life and small town idyll as it is written in the book, you will find here to enough. Plus the best food in all of Italy. It is not for nothing that Emilia Romagna is called the "belly of Italy". The Marche region is not overshadowed by other Italian regions – it is simply less touristy, but no less beautiful!