mekong luang prabang boat

It is probably the most beautiful way to get to Luang Prabang – with a boat trip across the Mekong River. The trip can be booked for currently 1650 Baht in Chiang Rai. We book at a travel agent next to the cat cafe. Every travel agency offers the tour and probably every Guest House as well.

Another half year has passed. How time flies! And again the dear one invites to his half-yearly photo parade. Here travel and photo bloggers show their favorite pictures of the last half year.

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I interpret the themes a bit more freely this year and concentrate fully on my round trip across Borneo. for 3 weeks I explored the most amazing places in Sarawak and Sabah. These pictures just have to be shown. This time I convince not by variety, but rather with pure enthusiasm for this great spot on earth.

We cook our way around the world. Peering into foreign cooking pots and trying our hand at fancy ingredients and spices. Always with us: A good portion of curiosity and the hunger for inspiration.

I regularly cook my way around the world. I learn not only about the culinary highlights of some regions, but also a lot about the culture of the country.

Account with credit card for Work and Travel

Before you start your adventure in faraway countries, it is important that you open an account with credit card for Work and Travel. On the one hand a German account is useful, so that you can show your financial means when entering the country. Secondly, a credit card is important for Work and Travel so you can easily pay, use it as a guarantee and withdraw money.

Email Marketing Software - Here's what you need to consider

What to look for when looking for new email marketing software? Before you decide, here are some important points to consider.

London sundial, England, UK

The United Kingdom belongs to the Western European Time or WET for its acronym in English, a time window explained in the following paragraphs. Also below we show you the time difference present between London and some of the major countries in the world, so you can travel to the British capital with peace of mind.

Travel Tip: Nymphenburg Palace & Botanical Garden | Munich

I've been in Munich for more than eight months now – and it's about time to take a look at the surroundings. Most of the time you discover the world, but what's right in front of your door is often overlooked. That's why I plan to explore something in Munich or at least in the vicinity on a regular basis and then report about it here. My first stop: Nymphenburg Palace and the botanical garden!

The Great Smoky Mountais National Park is one of the most visited parks in the USA and has been declared a World Heritage Site. This is especially true because of the vast forested areas with ancient trees, some of which are considered the oldest on our planet.

We came from Atlanta and drove US 441 north from Cherokee. This is the main road through the mostly densely forested park. A very nice ride.

As the saying goes: All good things come in threes! Ford has taken the third generation of the Kuga literally and made a lot of things better than in the previous models. The Ford Kuga, like the Focus model, uses the new C2 platform and that brings more size to the SUV, but also the opportunity to use current hybrid and safety technology.

The Ford people have really changed a lot in the body design and the interior. The result is something to be proud of. Ford offers seven model variants for the Kuga. The engines produce between 120 and 225 hp. In addition to gasoline and diesel engines, there are now also mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. A full hybrid version is still to follow in 2020. For the test a Ford Kuga ST Line X with 2-Liter Eco Blue engine and 190 HP inclusive 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive was available.

The nightlife in Sydney has a lot to offer just like the rest of the city. Whether trendy nightclubs, cozy bars, rocking pubs or hip live concerts, the nightlife of this city of millions can basically please everyone. Despite the heavier crowds on weekends, it's also great to party on the other days of the week. Actually, all parts of the city have numerous pubs where you can spend a nice evening with live music. However, if you really want to hit the town, the CBD, Kings Cross, Darling Harbour and Darlinghurst are the best places to go, as these are where most of the nightclubs are located. If you are already visiting the world metropolis, you should not miss the nightlife in Sydney as an actual sight under any circumstances.

Things to know about nightlife in Sydney

Since there is always something different going on in the nightlife of Australia's largest city, it makes sense to find out in advance about the changing events or special events. Information about current events, concerts and parties can be found, for example, in Time Out. The world metropolis has the largest selection of nightclubs in Australia, specializing in the most popular music genres of electro, pop, R&B and modern rock. However, Sydneysiders are also very fond of live concerts, which is why many hotels and pubs throughout the city regularly hire bands. The main venues for live concerts are listed in the Museums, Arts & Culture article under the Music section. In and near the city center, the choice of nightclubs and bars is the widest. However, the inner suburbs also offer a good range of options for a varied and exuberant evening.