The expectations are high: A dream setting with Robinson Crusoe feeling, that's what they say about the Maldives. And yes, even the approach to Huvafen Fushi Resort in the Maldives is spectacular. The view from the cabin window takes your breath away in every respect: it looks like a swarm of jellyfish when one island after the other passes by in the turquoise to deep blue Indian Ocean. There are about 1200, of which about 200 are inhabited and 100 are developed with resorts.

Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives

As my second bachelor's degree came to an end in 2016, the question I heard most often was what I was going to do afterwards. Master? Work directly? But my answer was, "I want to travel first." The counter question: "How long then? Until the master study starts?"

The fact that nowadays many almost-adults go abroad after graduating from high school is almost a cliche by now. After graduation then actually rather not, especially if there are job offers and the grades are enough for a master's degree. But for me it was not yet the right time to exchange so much of my time for money. I first had to do the traveling thing.

The once booming travel agency industry has seen more than its share of changes over the past few decades. The ease of online travel booking sites and companies like Uber and Airbnb is steadily eroding travel agents' profits. Yet the industry is still alive and well. Many people choose to allow another person (rather than a website) to help them with travel plans.

There are always pros and cons to booking online versus booking through a travel agent . And since every situation is different, you always have to decide what you feel most comfortable with. However, when it comes to cruises, it's probably better to book them yourself. Find out why.

Sails and rigging of the Star Clipper

Daniela Hacker-Eberl sailed on the Star Clipper through the Greek and Turkish Aegean Sea. She shares her experiences on board and her explorations ashore:

Gran Canaria's west coast is characterized by wild beauty. The area is very quiet and deserted, there are not very many big attractions. Nevertheless, or just because of that, the area is worth a trip. The most interesting thing here is the solitude, silence and beauty of the landscape.

The west coast of Gran Canaria. You can see the road that winds along the hillside in endless switchbacks.

Learning English in Malta

The island state of Malta, located about 80 kilometers south of Sicily, is a special case among the former colonies of Great Britain. While many Commonwealth members have passed on the legacy of the British language to their people and English is the undisputed everyday language there, the Maltese have also preserved their own culture and language.

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For hotels, 2020 felt like a seemingly endless year. Aside from declining room stays and a big hit to hoteliers' bottom lines, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire hospitality experience that customers have come to expect. In the new year, the resumption of operations then becomes an opportunity to rethink strategy and identify upcoming trends. In particular, the increase in long-term travelers is a trend that has shaped many facets of today's hospitality industry. With the ability to work remotely and the desire for new and engaging environments, a promising return on investment can be seen when focusing on long-term guests.

The density of luxurious business hotels is particularly high in the British metropolis. After all, the city of millions is the hub for business travelers in the UK. Not so easy to find the best business hotels in London. We have nevertheless tried. Don't nail us down on this, but these are the editors' favorite London business hotels…

The best business hotels in London

If you travel to Norway, you will not only find beautiful and impressive natural landscapes, but also several beautiful cities that make a visit definitely worthwhile.

Oslo, Norway

The capital of France knows many names. For lovebirds it is the city of love, for others a culinary kingdom and still others feel Paris is the center of art and culture. But Paris is also known for numerous legends and is an exciting place for all those who like to listen to historical and mythical stories. But what kind of stories are they? Read on to learn more about the five most extraordinary, popular and exciting legends of the city.

The Phantom of the Opera