Hotel HM Gran Fiesta is located right on Platja de Palma not far from the airport and the capital, Palma de Mallorca.

Highlight of the hotel for me is the roof terrace with the rooftop pool and the view of the beach.

Travel Tip: Itinerary Sri Lanka

When it went to Sri Lanka for me in 2017, there was one decision before the trip – where exactly do I want to go?? Especially if you have only two to three weeks time for a round trip because of your job, it is worth to plan well in advance. For Sri Lanka the choice fell on the following route and places:

Florida in the USA is not called the Sunshine State for nothing, after all up to eleven hours of sunshine a day – and that almost all year round – lure for visits, explorations and visits. Florida does not mean just lying on the beach, although that is certainly not the worst idea either. The many beautiful amusement parks in Florida also attract vacationers. A look at the most beautiful cities in Florida shows how varied a stay can be.


Miami is considered the metropolis of Florida and is almost always a first destination for vacationers. The city offers a lot of variety, though not a great selection of historic attractions.

Eat & Drink: Smorgasburg | Brooklyn

New York is known for many things, but when it comes to food, one thing stands out: food trucks! Not only can you find them scattered all over Manhattan every day, but also once a week in Williamsburg or in Prospect Park, near Smorgasburg.

End of October. In Central Europe the camping season is now finally over. Time to mothball the folding caravan for this year. To make your butterfly a reliable and cozy home for the following year, you should winterize it after the last trip. How this works and what you need for it we explain to you in the contribution.

Winterize the folding caravan


Vacation, that means time to relax! It's just a shame that before you can relax, there's always the stress of getting there – along with the nagging worry: "Did I forget something important?"?" To take away this fear and give you a calm start into your vacations, there are various apps for packing suitcases. Find out which packing list apps we've got in the bag here.

Conversely, a break from the stresses of everyday life can work wonders. Because the hectic pace of our time, working in an open-plan office, meeting marathons, demanding customers, a flood of e-mails that often doesn't stop even after work, or ever tighter deadlines, all take a toll on our nerves. And in the worst cases, even make you sick. There have never been as many people suffering from burnout and depression as there are today.

Travel helps against stress

Museum tip: Depot Boijmans van Beuningen | Rotterdam

In 2021, a museum opened in Rotterdam that spoke directly to me – namely the Boijmans van Beuningen Depot. Actually, the Boijmans van Beuningen is a normal museum, but it is currently closed for renovations to guarantee the safety of the artworks exhibited there and those of the visitors. So that you can still look at the art, the museum has unceremoniously made the adjacent depot accessible. And that can really be seen!