In addition to the diverse offers and family-friendly hotel facilities, the short flight time from Germany is also decisive for the fact that the island is ideal for families. It takes just under two and a half hours to reach the popular vacation destination.

Attractions and activities with children

In the following we would like to give you a few tips for excursions and present the most popular destinations for excursions and activities in a little more detail.

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The most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – a subjective selection

Are you planning a vacation at the Baltic Sea and thinking about where exactly you want to go?? There are so many beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – but what are the most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea, specifically in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?? The answer to this question is not easy for me, even if everybody will name a few places right away. But – and I would like to point this out explicitly here – such a selection is always very subjective! So please bear with me: in the following I present you the most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea, which I got to know during different journeys and short trips.

Binz – the sophisticated beauty on the island of Rugen

I start with my declared favorite place on the island of Rugen. Binz is the largest seaside resort of the island and enchants with sophisticated spa architecture. White villas line the coast and the streets of the Baltic seaside resort. They are held in the typical style of the Baltic resorts and enchant in bright white, sometimes set off blue. Many houses have balconies or verandas decorated with Art Nouveau elements, and some also have turrets.

The Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is, contrary to most opinions, not so gray and dreary. The region in North Rhine-Westphalia consists of many highlights in the Ruhr area. I asked a few travel bloggers what their Ruhr highlights are.

The result is a colorful mix of Ruhr-area coffee lovers and admirers. The fact is: the Ruhr area is something for everyone. Convince yourself!

Here at Indie Campers, we reveal our top tips for making sure both kids and adults have fun during winter activities.

Sabrina Riechers

A winter road trip with the whole family may seem difficult at first glance, we tell you the best tips that you will be well prepared and there will be no boredom during the trip. The colder months especially offer you and your family the chance to take advantage of places and activities that are only available at this time of year!

After a visit to the hairdresser, your hair will be absolutely perfect. Thin hair looks more voluminous, curls are defined, naturally wavy hair falls as it should. Sooner or later, however, you find yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a brush and a hairdryer, trying to style your hair the same way as the hairdresser did before. We reveal seven practical tips on how to care for and style your hair like a pro, even at home.

1. Straight hair despite frizzy curls – but how??

Women with curly or wavy hair like to use a hairdryer and straightener when they want a new look. The most important utensil: heat protection. The Leavin-In product – such as the BB Beauty Balm by Marlies Moller – is gently worked into towel-dried hair after washing. In this way, the hair is protected from the extreme heat and thus from drying out, which also prevents split ends. Then comb your hair through with a coarse-tooth comb and blow-dry it dry.

At the end of September I showed you my most beautiful sunsets while traveling and told you the memories associated with them. For me, I especially remember the magical sunset at the Grand Canyon and on the Maldives during our honeymoon.

Because I was quite sure that many other travelers rave about sunsets similar to me and can tell about their experiences, I called on other bloggers to show their most beautiful sunsets. So under this theme ran from the end of September to the end of November 2019 my first blogparade on Reisefunken. I show you the result today.

Family vacation needs to be well planned, so that parents and children can have fun together. Many stress factors and unpleasant surprises can already be eliminated by the right organization.

With these tips for a successful family vacation, everyone can enjoy the free time at the dream destination.

Kronach in Upper Franconia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany. The "Gateway to the Franconian Forest" attracts Hollywood stars with its special charm to its medieval city walls. 7 tips for a short trip to Kronach.

Places of interest Kronach – 7 tips

In Kronach in the Franconian Forest there is a lot to see, smell and taste. And enough for a short trip, but also for a longer stay, because Kronach is located in the beautiful Franconian Forest with its trails and hiking routes and a hidden. Trekking place in the middle of the forest

Specialist tour operator Enchanting Travels expands its offering in Cambodia, providing a variety of new travel experiences there. The exotic land of the Khmer has much to offer: Enchanting Travels shares insider tips for authentic experiences, culinary highlights and the most beautiful hotels for individual Cambodia trips.

Spectacular culture, turbulent history and fascinating landscapes

Enchanting Travels' exceptional itineraries not only offer the chance to experience the highlights of Cambodia. Places off the beaten track promise hidden riches, landscapes and authentic encounters.

We are going on a tour through Germany!

You want to make a Germany tour (or vacation in Germany), but don't really know how to approach the travel planning? How to go about it and what to look out for, you can read in this article. We show you step by step our method to plan your trip using our Germany tour as an example.