Ideas for the first date

Almost all relationships start with a first date. A first date is crucial because it can be a signpost for the direction in which your current relationship will develop. From the first date, you'll know if you have chemistry and a lot in common – or if it's better to keep it a friendship (or friendship plus).

The very best of the Netherlands? Most everything is just a stone's throw away and also wonderfully accessible by public transport. Amsterdam makes a perfect base for exploring the surrounding area and beyond. In true Dutch fashion, my recommendations for the best places to visit in Holland are therefore ordered by travel time by public transport from Amsterdam. Let's go!

Haarlem (15 minutes by train from Amsterdam)

Haarlem, for me, reflects the real Holland – in contrast to the very international and touristy Amsterdam. As is typical of Dutch cities, Haarlem has a small city center, most of whose life takes place in and around the Grote Markt, the market square. The 160.000 inhabitants city trumps with cozy cafes, interesting museums, hidden historical courtyards as well as the largest church (Sint Bavo church) and the most varied shopping offer in the Netherlands. Here you can stroll even on weekends comfortably through the quaint little streets without being overrun by tourist avalanches.

With 35 miles of America's best beaches to choose from, you can enjoy a different beach experience every day of your vacation in St. Pete/Clearwater experience.

Aerial view of St. Pete Beach from the north, including white sand, blue water and shaded cabanas

The largest of the Balearic Islands has a special flair and attracts thousands of enthusiastic visitors year after year. In addition to the climate, the exciting landscape of looming volcanoes and mountain peaks also provided plenty of variety. But also the beaches of the island are legendary. Here black sand meets golden sunbeams, washed by the soothing sound of the sea.

Playa de las Teresitas

This beach is one of the most famous on the island and one of the most popular in the Canary Islands as a whole. The sandy beach in Tenerife north is only a few kilometers from Santa Cruz and can be reached by rental car or a wonderful bike ride and the rewarding refreshment at the destination.
At ca. 1.5 km long, the beach stretches along the entire coastline, shimmering in the most beautiful golden hues. By the way, this is the exception on the island, which is otherwise characterized by dark sand. If you like, you can book the beach experience with a package tour and check in for example in one of the numerous hotels or vacation apartments in Santa Cruz.

The Travel Junkies

"…quite a hot spot – have you had a closer look at El Salvador??", Raimund from Vienna asked us, months before our departure. The answer was simply: "Nope!". If we had done that in advance, our round-the-world ticket would have given a wide berth to this country, where, as we learned, the first day in several years was recently celebrated without at least one murder on the open road and where annually approx. 6500 people fall victim to gang wars.

Those looking for a job abroad usually favor a specific country. But there can also be advantages to approaching the search with an open mind. In this case, for example, the choice of your future home country can be based on where the chances are best to score with your qualifications and professional experience in the respective labor market and to find the job you have always dreamed about. First, however, some questions need to be addressed: Who is being looked for first and foremost? And regionally where exactly? Answers to these questions can be found on the Internet in several places – in particular, what qualifications are currently being sought and what conditions apply to immigrants. We show you where you can get information and what to look out for when you are targeting jobs abroad…

Jobs abroad: tips for expatriates

Travel Plans 2018: where to?

It's almost the end of February by now and therefore a bit late for my travel plans – on the other hand, nothing was scheduled yet and some things are still not quite fixed. But today it is finally so far and I tell you my travel plans for the coming year. If you have any tips or blog posts about one or the other, feel free to leave me a comment below!

Our top excursion tips for the Black Forest!

Ready for the most beautiful excursion tips in the Black Forest? This will make your short trip mega! Here are the top sights that you should definitely have seen.

On 15. December 2017 I came home after 13 months of traveling – 1 year Australia and 1 month Thailand "on the way back" – and so much has changed. Whether I have planned how my life should look like when I come back? Not really. I just knew I wanted to see my family, I wanted to be home for Christmas.

From Tasmania I had already applied for a job and one week after my return to Germany I got the acceptance for it. I gave myself a month to re-acclimatize and meet friends.

[Advertising: Cooperation] Instead of "Traveling where the wind blows me" it is called for the first time "Driving where the wind blows me". I don't mean this metaphorically, but seriously: I'm riding a hot air balloon for the first time in my life over the Garroxta Volcanoes Nature Reserve in northeastern Catalonia. The wind decides where the journey with the hot air balloon goes on this day – well and Pepe, our pilot, who steers skillfully.

The Natural Park Volcanoes of Garroxta (Parc Natural de la Zona VolcAnica de la Garrotxa) is located in the province of Girona. 40 volcanoes and and more than 20 lava flows have formed the 120 km² area thousands of years ago. The last eruption was around 10.000 years back. Covered with dark green beech forests, the volcanoes lie between cultivated fields and medieval villages. The bird's eye view is breathtaking. In good weather, the distant view extends to the Pyrenees and the sea.