If children get restless on the plane, it's quickly over with the relaxed trip. Flight attendants give tips to calm down the little ones.

The voluntary service is a good opportunity for young people to become clear about their own professional goals and wishes. Before you start your studies or training, you can get involved in society in a variety of ways. The voluntary social year (FSJ) is well known. There are many different types of volunteer service, including the European Voluntary Service (EVS), which takes you abroad. What opportunities does the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD) and Co. Here you can find out what they offer and what you need to bear in mind..

Offers for voluntary sabbaticals at a glance

You are toying with the idea of interrupting your usual routine for a while and gaining new experiences? Maybe even go abroad for a whole year? A voluntary service gives you the chance to do just that. Here are the most popular offers..