Learning English in Malta – the special features

Learning English in Malta

The island state of Malta, located about 80 kilometers south of Sicily, is a special case among the former colonies of Great Britain. While many Commonwealth members have passed on the legacy of the British language to their people and English is the undisputed everyday language there, the Maltese have also preserved their own culture and language.

Bilingual Malta

If you compare the situation in New Zealand or Australia with Malta, for example, you will notice that only the indigenous population there does not speak English, while the descendants of the British colonial masters converse exclusively in their language. The Maltese, however, is different in this respect, because due to its secluded location, the archipelago developed its very own culture, which its inhabitants are quite proud to preserve. Maltese and English are absolutely equal on the archipelago and equally common.

Rich history

The advantage of this special feature is that with a trip to Malta you can not "only" improve your English, but also get to know a completely different, less British side. A point where Malta is ahead of other English speaking destinations. So who bspw. If you want to improve your English in the Maltalingua language school, but you also want to get to know the history shaped over the centuries by the Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks and other peoples, this is the right country for you.

English lessons at a language school in Malta

The language school offers a variety of language courses, all of which meet different needs. These are:

  • Standard Course
  • Intensive course
  • Business English
  • IELTS exam preparation course
  • Private course
  • Extra private lessons

Learn English in a language school in Malta

The school itself is based in St. Julian's, located directly on its picturesque bay. But of course, Maltalingua also offers interesting activities outside of the classroom, such as.B. Excursions to Sicily, to Malta's capital Valletta or diving and playing golf.

Small state big time

This contrast is all the more extraordinary when you consider the confined space in which it can be found. At just 316 km², Malta measures only 6 km² more than the city of Munich, making it the smallest member state of the EU, but certainly one of the most culturally diverse.

Also worth mentioning is the balance of urban and rural areas, because while many communities have grown together in the region around the largest city of Birkirkara, the rest of Malta is more sparsely populated. This means that both country and city lovers should feel at home on the archipelago.

Language travel: On the beach in Malta

At the end of the day, it can be said that while the state is captivating in its contrasts, it is also a popular destination for further education, making it worth a trip in many respects.

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