The Great Smoky Mountais National Park is one of the most visited parks in the USA and has been declared a World Heritage Site. This is especially true because of the vast forested areas with ancient trees, some of which are considered the oldest on our planet.

We came from Atlanta and drove US 441 north from Cherokee. This is the main road through the mostly densely forested park. A very nice ride.

Kronach in Upper Franconia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany. The "Gateway to the Franconian Forest" attracts Hollywood stars with its special charm to its medieval city walls. 7 tips for a short trip to Kronach.

Places of interest Kronach – 7 tips

In Kronach in the Franconian Forest there is a lot to see, smell and taste. And enough for a short trip, but also for a longer stay, because Kronach is located in the beautiful Franconian Forest with its trails and hiking routes and a hidden. Trekking place in the middle of the forest

As the saying goes: All good things come in threes! Ford has taken the third generation of the Kuga literally and made a lot of things better than in the previous models. The Ford Kuga, like the Focus model, uses the new C2 platform and that brings more size to the SUV, but also the opportunity to use current hybrid and safety technology.

The Ford people have really changed a lot in the body design and the interior. The result is something to be proud of. Ford offers seven model variants for the Kuga. The engines produce between 120 and 225 hp. In addition to gasoline and diesel engines, there are now also mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. A full hybrid version is still to follow in 2020. For the test a Ford Kuga ST Line X with 2-Liter Eco Blue engine and 190 HP inclusive 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive was available.

Specialist tour operator Enchanting Travels expands its offering in Cambodia, providing a variety of new travel experiences there. The exotic land of the Khmer has much to offer: Enchanting Travels shares insider tips for authentic experiences, culinary highlights and the most beautiful hotels for individual Cambodia trips.

Spectacular culture, turbulent history and fascinating landscapes

Enchanting Travels' exceptional itineraries not only offer the chance to experience the highlights of Cambodia. Places off the beaten track promise hidden riches, landscapes and authentic encounters.

The nightlife in Sydney has a lot to offer just like the rest of the city. Whether trendy nightclubs, cozy bars, rocking pubs or hip live concerts, the nightlife of this city of millions can basically please everyone. Despite the heavier crowds on weekends, it's also great to party on the other days of the week. Actually, all parts of the city have numerous pubs where you can spend a nice evening with live music. However, if you really want to hit the town, the CBD, Kings Cross, Darling Harbour and Darlinghurst are the best places to go, as these are where most of the nightclubs are located. If you are already visiting the world metropolis, you should not miss the nightlife in Sydney as an actual sight under any circumstances.

Things to know about nightlife in Sydney

Since there is always something different going on in the nightlife of Australia's largest city, it makes sense to find out in advance about the changing events or special events. Information about current events, concerts and parties can be found, for example, in Time Out. The world metropolis has the largest selection of nightclubs in Australia, specializing in the most popular music genres of electro, pop, R&B and modern rock. However, Sydneysiders are also very fond of live concerts, which is why many hotels and pubs throughout the city regularly hire bands. The main venues for live concerts are listed in the Museums, Arts & Culture article under the Music section. In and near the city center, the choice of nightclubs and bars is the widest. However, the inner suburbs also offer a good range of options for a varied and exuberant evening.

We are going on a tour through Germany!

You want to make a Germany tour (or vacation in Germany), but don't really know how to approach the travel planning? How to go about it and what to look out for, you can read in this article. We show you step by step our method to plan your trip using our Germany tour as an example.

The royal tombs in Hue are one of the most impressive things we have seen in recent months. And that means something! We visited them as part of a city tour, since they are a bit out of the center and we didn't want to rent a moped because of the daily rain showers.

The King's Tombs Tour

The city tour actually starts in the morning with the citadel. However, since we had already checked them out on our own, we were picked up later (at 10:30 am – a very convenient time for us late risers 😉 ).

The expectations are high: A dream setting with Robinson Crusoe feeling, that's what they say about the Maldives. And yes, even the approach to Huvafen Fushi Resort in the Maldives is spectacular. The view from the cabin window takes your breath away in every respect: it looks like a swarm of jellyfish when one island after the other passes by in the turquoise to deep blue Indian Ocean. There are about 1200, of which about 200 are inhabited and 100 are developed with resorts.

Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives

Ideas for the first date

Almost all relationships start with a first date. A first date is crucial because it can be a signpost for the direction in which your current relationship will develop. From the first date, you'll know if you have chemistry and a lot in common – or if it's better to keep it a friendship (or friendship plus).

As my second bachelor's degree came to an end in 2016, the question I heard most often was what I was going to do afterwards. Master? Work directly? But my answer was, "I want to travel first." The counter question: "How long then? Until the master study starts?"

The fact that nowadays many almost-adults go abroad after graduating from high school is almost a cliche by now. After graduation then actually rather not, especially if there are job offers and the grades are enough for a master's degree. But for me it was not yet the right time to exchange so much of my time for money. I first had to do the traveling thing.