The catacombs of Paris are a hidden gem for many. A very interesting place that I invite you to discover, and for this reason I leave you this post with all the information of interest.

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Covid-19 has a grip on companies worldwide. In view of closed stores and missing conversions, website operators ask themselves increasingly, how they should proceed with their on-line appearance further. Google now responds with comprehensive recommendations and new options for businesses suffering from lack of sales of their products and services.

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Vacation, that means time to relax! It's just a shame that before you can relax, there's always the stress of getting there – along with the nagging worry: "Did I forget something important?"?" To take away this fear and give you a calm start into your vacations, there are various apps for packing suitcases. Find out which packing list apps we've got in the bag here.

[Advertising: Cooperation] Instead of "Traveling where the wind blows me" it is called for the first time "Driving where the wind blows me". I don't mean this metaphorically, but seriously: I'm riding a hot air balloon for the first time in my life over the Garroxta Volcanoes Nature Reserve in northeastern Catalonia. The wind decides where the journey with the hot air balloon goes on this day – well and Pepe, our pilot, who steers skillfully.

The Natural Park Volcanoes of Garroxta (Parc Natural de la Zona VolcAnica de la Garrotxa) is located in the province of Girona. 40 volcanoes and and more than 20 lava flows have formed the 120 km² area thousands of years ago. The last eruption was around 10.000 years back. Covered with dark green beech forests, the volcanoes lie between cultivated fields and medieval villages. The bird's eye view is breathtaking. In good weather, the distant view extends to the Pyrenees and the sea.

Conversely, a break from the stresses of everyday life can work wonders. Because the hectic pace of our time, working in an open-plan office, meeting marathons, demanding customers, a flood of e-mails that often doesn't stop even after work, or ever tighter deadlines, all take a toll on our nerves. And in the worst cases, even make you sick. There have never been as many people suffering from burnout and depression as there are today.

Travel helps against stress

"Diiiiing", make the Tingsha bells and what is supposed to be a very calming sound, triggers a little panic in me. Because I know that what follows this "diiiing" will not be easy for me: 30 minutes of rest.

30 minutes of silence: Silence with guidance

And not the kind of calm, as in: "i flop down on my couch and nod off to the sprinkling of a Netflix series every now and then." No, this rest is another. A meditation in which not only I have to shut up, but also no impulses come from the outside, until one is released from it after half an hour. In which I do not lie somewhere, but sit, as upright as my back allows, on a meditation cushion in a room flooded with light. Not alone, by the way, but with other silent people, at a distance – because the pandemic is supposedly taking a break right now, but is still in our heads, as it will be again with full force a few months later. The quiet half hour for inner reflection will be led by Christel, who lives and works here, in the Saunstorf monastery in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

In the labyrinth of the medina of Marrakech one should let oneself drift. You get lost anyway, the further you get into the heart of the city. Here, in the midst of the colorful life are hidden behind thick clay walls magnificent town houses and city palaces: the so-called Riads. One of the most beautiful is the Riyad El Cadi, just a few cross streets away from the square of the jugglers, the Djamaa al-Fna. Editor-in-chief Friederike Hintze paid a visit to this gem ..

Once you have been in Marrakesh, the "Pearl of the South", you will have lost your heart. Even in gray, rainy weather, the city exerts a charm. Yves Saint Laurent, who had his famous blue gardens here called Jardin Majorelle, lived alternately in Marrakech and Paris. The incredibly rich Talitha Getty loved the city – and established the international jet set in the 1960s and 1970s, long before her untimely death. Marlene Dietrich, Alfred Hitchcock or Mick Jagger – the illustrious list of those who were or still are fascinated by Marrakech is long.

If children get restless on the plane, it's quickly over with the relaxed trip. Flight attendants give tips to calm down the little ones.

Museum tip: Depot Boijmans van Beuningen | Rotterdam

In 2021, a museum opened in Rotterdam that spoke directly to me – namely the Boijmans van Beuningen Depot. Actually, the Boijmans van Beuningen is a normal museum, but it is currently closed for renovations to guarantee the safety of the artworks exhibited there and those of the visitors. So that you can still look at the art, the museum has unceremoniously made the adjacent depot accessible. And that can really be seen!

The voluntary service is a good opportunity for young people to become clear about their own professional goals and wishes. Before you start your studies or training, you can get involved in society in a variety of ways. The voluntary social year (FSJ) is well known. There are many different types of volunteer service, including the European Voluntary Service (EVS), which takes you abroad. What opportunities does the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD) and Co. Here you can find out what they offer and what you need to bear in mind..

Offers for voluntary sabbaticals at a glance

You are toying with the idea of interrupting your usual routine for a while and gaining new experiences? Maybe even go abroad for a whole year? A voluntary service gives you the chance to do just that. Here are the most popular offers..