The most beautiful city in the Franconian Forest: Kronach sights

Kronach in Upper Franconia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful small towns in Germany. The "Gateway to the Franconian Forest" attracts Hollywood stars with its special charm to its medieval city walls. 7 tips for a short trip to Kronach.

Places of interest Kronach – 7 tips

In Kronach in the Franconian Forest there is a lot to see, smell and taste. And enough for a short trip, but also for a longer stay, because Kronach is located in the beautiful Franconian Forest with its trails and hiking routes and a hidden. Trekking place in the middle of the forest

1. Kronach Top Sight: Rosenberg Fortress

You can see it from far away, the fortress Rosenberg, which watches mightily over the city. She has been doing this job since she was 13. The city of Palma was very successful in the 19th century, because until then it was never taken by force. The fortress is one of the best preserved in Bavaria and one of the largest in Germany.


There are many things to do at the fortress: there are exhibitions, guided tours and events such as the Rosenberg Festival.

But you can just walk up early in the morning and experience a fantastic sunrise with a view over waking Kronach.

cranach sunrise

2. A great son of Kronach: Lucas Cranach d.a.

One of the most important artists of the Renaissance calls Kronach his hometown. Although I was ignorant at first, I could have guessed it right away: The way the people of Kronach pronounce their hometown – "Gronich" – sounds quite similar to Cranach's name in Franconian dialect. And, lo and behold: Lucas Cranach the Elder actually named himself after the city of his birth.

You will encounter Cranach everywhere in the city: a good first overview of Cranach and his work is given by the Cranach guided tour in the Franconian Gallery at the Rosenberg Fortress.

If you prefer to discover Cranach on your own, just follow the Cranach signs that you can find everywhere on the sidewalks in Kronach's Old Town. On the Cranach Trail, you'll learn interesting facts about the exceptional talent at seven stations. Simply dial the phone number given there with your cell phone and listen to the stories.


3. Specialties from Kronach: Blochla

For the column "Bakes and the City" I was of course also on the lookout for a special regional pastry specialty. Of course I also found something in Kronach: Blochla is the name of the sweet pastry that took my heart by storm. The Blochla is actually a festive pastry and many families in Kronach have their own recipe for the tube-shaped treat. Because it is hollow on the inside, the Blochla is also often filled with cream and is then even less of a diet food than it already is.

By the way, the name comes from the rafters, who called extra thick tree trunks that way – and such a Blochla is the ideal meal for physical hard work (and of course sightseeing as well!)

Fortunately, the bakery at the Bamberger Tor has the fine Blochla in stock even on non-holidays. By the way, it also tastes extremely good without cream filling with a cup of cappuccino, which you can drink right on the spot.

4. Hiker's Paradise Nature Park Frankenwald

Kronach is located on the southwestern edge of the Franconian Forest and is an ideal starting point for hikes in the nature park. Attentive readers of this blog already know how much I appreciate the Franconian Forest for its hiking and running routes: a beautiful nature that is never overcrowded and where you can really take a deep breath. The hiking route "Entlang der Marter" is one of the 32 "FrankenwaldSteigla" and offers a beautiful view into the Kronachtal valley.


By the way: in the Best of Wandern Testcenter Frankenwald in Steinwiesen, 13 kilometers away, you can rent hiking backpacks, hiking boots, hiking poles and other hiking equipment for free.

5. Kronach old town – like a picture book

Kronach's old town is almost completely preserved: the historic houses made of sandstone and the many half-timbered buildings are a dream for anyone who likes cozy downtowns. Kronach is surrounded by a city wall and above all this the aforementioned Rosenberg Fortress is watching over it – a historical film director couldn't have thought it up more beautifully.

A nice walk leads from Kronach's old town down to the river, where you can enjoy such a view of the suburb and old town:


6. Filming location Kronach: Hollywood has also been here

Speaking of directors: of course the film world has already discovered Kronach. When I was on a press trip to the Franconian Forest with Diana from kurzreisenundmeer in October, we were amazed: buildings in the old town were redecorated and renamed, street signs exchanged. When during my sunrise walk I was denied entry to the fortress, it was clear to me why: Hollywood was on site and hard at work!

Director Jonathan Jakubowicz shot the film "Resistance" with an international crew and stars Jessie Eisenberg and Matthias Schweighofer. My hope that I would meet the latter during the morning run was unfortunately not fulfilled.

Another film, which was not shot in Kronach, but only 20 kilometers to the northeast in Nordhalben, is currently in theaters: the filming of the real story of an escape from the GDR by hot air balloon – "Balloon" by Michael "Bully" Herbig.


7. Restaurant Kronach: Upper Franconian specialties at S'Antla

When in Franconia, do like the Franconians do. That means: in Kronach there are some good Italian restaurants, but if I'm already there, then I want to eat Franconian food, of course. What a luck that to our hotel belonged an original Franconian restaurant. S'Antla brews its own beer and specializes in duck, as the experienced Franconian speaker can already recognize from the name.

But also vegetarians get their money's worth in the comfortably furnished brewhouse. I was almost not looked at funny when I ordered a real Franconian dumpling with my "Kasspatzle!

By the way, according to the chronicle, Kronach's famous son Lucas Cranach already enjoyed the beer from Kronach, which was produced until the 17th century. By the way, the Costanera was brewed exclusively by women in the nineteenth century.

Hotel in Kronach

Diana and I were accommodated in the Stadthotels Kronach, which are represented with three houses in the old town. My single room was comfortable, functional and very quiet. The breakfast buffet was good and all the hotel staff super friendly.


Shopping tip: Kronacher Ceramics Workshop

One more insider tip I don't want to deprive you of. Regional souvenirs can be found either in the Best of Hiking Test Center or in the Kronach Ceramics Workshop. Directly down at the entrance to the old town of Kronach is the small pottery and ceramics studio. I bought a beautiful little bowl for my porridge, which I have enjoyed every morning since then. For Lucas Cranach fans there are ceramic mugs with the Cranach logo here.

ceramic workshop-kronach

The best time to vacation in Kronach

When is the best time to go to Kronach? It's hard to say, because the town has its charms at any time of the year. I was there once in October and then spontaneously again in December – both times the city was perfect to walk, look and enjoy.

Right now, in January, it's snowing there and I'm already a little envious, because a snowy Kronach old town I would also like to experience once and around it are everywhere trails for cross-country skiing!

In the summer, it's busy here, precisely because of the surrounding hiking and excursion opportunities. I have yet to find out what Kronach is like in the springtime. There are even cherry trees on the Rosenberg Fortress, so I can well imagine how beautiful it is when it blossoms and smells in Kronach. When to come?

Disclosure: Parts of this post were written as part of a blogger trip with Frankenwald Tourism. Thank you for the invitation!

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