These are 4 trips you should have taken with your BFF

These 4 trips you should have done with your BFF

A trip you can actually start right next weekend without much planning: A spontaneous road trip! What's better than bawling out loud nineties music in the car and just driving off at the drop of a hat – and with your best friend to boot? Whether it's to a lake, toward the mountains, or to a nearby city, you can't beat the feeling of freedom on a BFF road trip!

2. All Inclusive – Cruise

Being serviced front to back for a week and having to worry about absolutely nothing except enjoying the "Good Life"? Yes, please! Of course, this works best with the BFF – and e.g. on a cruise!

Our #missBFF2017, Katharina and Valerie, are spending another week on a Mediterranean cruise to round off their three-month trip around the world to relax: together with COSTA Cruises, they get to experience the "most beautiful pearls" of the Western Mediterranean (e.g. Marseille, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca), but also explore the countless shipboard bars, casinos, bingo nights, luxury pools and restaurants onboard. The perfect mix of culture and party – wouldn't that be something for you and your BFF??

3. Adventure trip

Three weeks of jungle touring in Costa Rica, a surf camp in Sri Lanka or outback exploring in Australia: at least once you should step out of your comfort zone and go on a real adventure trip! Because the BFF is the easiest person to meet new people with, takes every "oops" situation with humor, and is the most comfortable if something doesn't quite work out, she's just the perfect travel buddy for such an adventure!

4. Shopping Trip

And the absolute classic: A weekend girls shopping trip! Whether it's Berlin, Barcelona, London or New York – a good dose of sightseeing, hip cafes and bars and hours of strolling through the shopping streets of these world metropolises is something we love to do with our best friend.

Pro-tip: Why not combine an all-inclusive vacation with a shopping trip?! On a cruise you can visit three of the most important fashion hotspots in the world – Spain, France and Italy – in less than a week. On the way you can enjoy yourselves on board, relax in the spa or enjoy a cool drink by the pool.

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